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***  Pre-Order for the Sharpsburg Maryland Poultry Swap on 4/27/2019 ONLY! ***

Straight Run Sebastopol Goslings - Minimum purchase of 2 goslings


Pre-Order for pick up at the Sharpsburg Maryland Poultry Swap on Saturday, April 27, 2018 by 2pm.  Pre-Orders are non-refundable.  Arrangements can be made for farm pick up the day before the event.

Preorder will close at 10pm EST on Friday, April 26, 2019


Minimum order of 2 goslings

*** The goslings come from a NPIP flock that has tested negative for pullorum and AI in the last 30 days.  Geese are farm animals.  They do not qualify as backyard poultry.  Returns cannot be accepted due to biosecurity terms.

Straight Run Sebastopol Goslings

SKU: 04272019
  • Sebastopl goslings from a breeding flock.  The parent flock is all white with some color carriers.  The parent flock is 75% full curly, 25% smooth breasted.  Parents are in excellent health and have had consistent fertlity in the 2019 season.  

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