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Farm Shares

Invest in your local farmer, reduce your food miles, increase your karma.  Share in the production of your meat while ensuring the animals are well cared for and live a dignified life


Farm Shares


We are expanding our adventure in raising our own food in 2021. We decided to produce our own ethically raised meat instead of the unsustainable industrial animal agriculture that the majority of meat consumed in this country is sourced from.  We processed our first chickens in January of 2020.  Then in the Spring of 2020 we moved toward raising our own bacon.  With 10 piglets on the ground, it is time to share the rewards of this adventure with you.

We are offering two options, purchase a piglet to raise yourself and a pork farm share.

Do you want to experience this adventure alongside us?  Buy a piglet!  The piglet moves to your home in early November.  Raise the piglet, spoil the piglet, let them feed on pasture, feed it all of your fruits and veggies and table scraps (with a few exceptions).  Give your piglet an amazing and fulfilling life.  If your piglet is a bacon seed, it should be ready to be processed between nine and twelve months of age.  Bacon seed piglets are $125.  $50 non-refundable deposit due at reservation, $75 due at pick up on or about November 2, 2020.

Not quite there yet?  Don’t have a place to raise your own pork chops?  We’re offering a pork farm share.  What is this?  It is an opportunity to invest in your food and your local farm.  You decide whether you want a half or whole pig.  You can choose the pig or just have us choose the one to reserve for you.  You make a deposit, monthly payments, then you pay the abattoir (butcher).  This investment helps you spread out the costs.  It helps us ensure that our costs are covered for quality feed and ongoing care of your pig.

How does the farm share actually work?

Deposit is due by November 2nd - for an 8 week old piglet the deposit is $100

The hanging weight of the average KuneKune mix pig at processing can range from 100-150 pounds.  This hanging weight is how we determine the remaining cost due at processing.  It includes all cuts, even if you decide you don’t want all cuts for one reason or another.  The typical price is $6 per pound on estimated hanging weight.  This leaves the total price for a whole hog at $600 to $850.  We will then break the remaining total ($500-$750 depending on the estimated finished weight) into 8 monthly payments.  You have the option of choosing a whole or a half hog.  You can choose your desired weight.  If the hanging weight goes over the estimated weight we agreed upon, you pay for a few more pounds.  If the hanging weight is under, we owe you a partial refund.

The processing fee will be paid by you to the abattoir.  We have selected three local shops that we would like to work with.  You have the option to select your own.  Once the drop off dates are scheduled, we will give you details to select cuts and all available options.  We deliver the pig to the abattoir.  You pick up your USDA processed pork when it is ready, knowing that you personally contributed to the production of the most sustainable and ethical source of your meat.

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